Global Warming

I just heard another news report on the catastrophic effects that global warming will someday have on our planet. Apparently a 2° rise in the global temperature (when and if that ever happens) will cause the earth’s oceans to rise over the planet and this apparently will place millions of people “under water.”

Now, let’s just think about that for a moment. I will not spend any time arguing over the cause of this warming trend. There are just as many scientists who refute blaming the industrialized world as being the cause as there are who are accusatory.  But I just question the physics of the whole thing. Maybe it was something I learned in my college Chemistry of Water class–which I don’t recommend taking, by the way.

But let’s do an experiment. Prepare yourself a glass of ice water. Now just let it sit as the room temperature alone goes to work causing global warming so to speak. When the ice melts, does the level of water in the glass rise or decrease? Surprise!   The water level actually decreases.  This is because ice is unlike all other substances on earth. It is the only substance whose solid form is actually larger than its liquid form. So, if the temperature of the earth rises, will the sea levels rise or decrease?  Remember our experiment.

And what happened when I allowed the glass of water to sit? It evaporated into the atmosphere. And it happens even more quickly if it’s moving like in a river, ocean, or in the fish ponds outside my own house. This is the cycle of water that has existed throughout the history of the planet.

So sleep tight and don’t waste too much time worrying about flood waters. And if your feet get wet, move to higher ground. There is plenty of it.