Cut the Cord

The human heart is amazing. And yet, it’s transformation from a three chambered organ to a four chambered heart at the moment of birth is even more amazing. Exactly how that works is unfortunately beyond the scope of this blog. Go to medical school, check google, or do anything to learn the process. You’ll fall off your chair in amazement.

The Creator’s design quickly allows an infant in the womb, totally dependent upon the mother’s blood supply and oxygen, to transition to an independent, self-sustaining, breathing human being by the cutting of the umbilical cord and taking a breath. Suddenly, pressure changes occur, blood begins flowing in the opposite direction, the lungs open to provide and exchange oxygen and hopefully, this all happens before the physician goes to bed.

And what happens if you don’t cut that cord or the baby doesn’t take a breath? Life doesn’t happen!

Now let’s advance twenty years down the road of life where young women AND ESPECIALLY YOUNG MEN in our society are “failing to launch.” They are not taking that first step to adulthood on their own.

And since the umbilical cord of dependence between mothers and sons is not being severed, these young men waste away at home waiting for the perfect job, with the perfect pay, and the perfect working conditions. And their life never happens.

The answer is so easy and yet apparently so hard. CUT THE CORD!