I’m still out there. And I am being passed from one person to another along with all the other sexually transmitted diseases.  I’m seemingly less dangerous.  I don’t cause AIDS.  I don’t usually do harm to the innocent baby you may be carrying. I don’t cause cervical cancer.  And fortunately, I can be fairly easily cured.

I’m Trichomonas vaginalis. By definition, I’m a parasitic, flagellate protozoan that causes an annoying vaginal discharge and a terrible itch that people often mistake for a yeast infection.

However, those medicines that are used to cure yeast infections are not effective against me. So if you are treating yourself and not getting better, perhaps it’s time to visit your friendly Family Medicine physician or whomever else does your female exams.

I had a patient that presented to my office last week with this very same scenario.  Microscopically, it was obvious that she had a parasitic infection.  The parasite moved around on the microscope slide like John Travolta at a disco party. It unknowingly revealed its haughty self to the already suspicious physician.

Two pills of Metronidazole every day for a week should take care of it.  How she takes care of that boyfriend is another question.